Lars Bo Jensen


I am a front end developer at Colourbox in Odense, Denmark. We sell photos, videos and vectors. We also develop the Digital Asset Management System Skyfish. I am part of the developer team for both, developing in JavaScript (React, Redux) and Dart/Flutter for developing a native app for Android and IOS.

I used to write PHP code, but almost all of our front end solutions have become completely decoupled from backend, so there is no need anymore. Instead, I am using (and contributing to the structure of) API's.


I started programming in 2000, when I was first introduced to the concept of server side programming. I developed a few projects in ASP. Shortly after, I got my first IT job; developing The website consisted of flat HTML files when I started. I learned PHP and MySQL and designed and implemented the first database and a new, scalable structure. The website got larger and ranked extremely well in Google for several years.

After four years, developing in PHP and MySQL felt increasingly monotonous, so I decided to give it a go as a literary scholar. After all, I had a master of arts. I became a PhD, but returned to web development almost immediately after my time at the university, realizing how I had missed coding.

After making my PhD and teaching at the University of Southern Denmark, I worked a while as a webmaster in a small company, then moved to Copenhagen and started teaching web development at a vocational school in Roskilde.

After that, I moved to Germany with my wife and worked as a freelancer for a while, teached at a university again, substituting for a professor at the university of Flensburg, and worked for two years in the field of online marketing; SEM (Google AdWords ad campaigns), SEO, content marketing, social media, websites, link management, analytics, reporting, and consulting.

After that, I found my way: Front end development in the web agency comm-press GmbH in Hamburg, Germany, now a part of Bright Solutions. We were developing Content management systems for German media (some of them multilingual) on the basis of Drupal 8. I was working there from 2016 to 2018, before I went to Denmark and got my current job.


My mother tongue is Danish.

I have been living and working in Germany from 2011 to 2018, and my German is excellent.

My English is also fluent. I have written articles and given talks and lectures in English, and we speak English at my current workplace.


I have a MA and a PhD in literature and have authored the thesis with the daunting title “Atmosphere as aesthetical and existential category in sentimental journeys from 1768 to 1868, focusing on poetics and urban atmospheres in Hans Christian Andersen”. It's in Danish, but there is an English abstract on page 259, if you should be interested.

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